Request for Proposal – Citrograph Production Company

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Notice to Prospective Bidders
August 31, 2016
To Whom It May Concern,
You are invited to review and respond to this Request for Proposals (RFP), entitled:
RFP – Citrograph Production Company
Deadline for Submission of Proposals is Close of Business, September 16, 2016
In submitting your proposal, please comply with these instructions.
Note that all agreements entered into with the State of California will include by reference
General Terms and Conditions and Contractor Certification Clauses that may be viewed and
downloaded at internet site
In the opinion of the Citrus Research Board and the California Department of Food and
Agriculture, this RFP is complete and without need of explanation. However, if you have
questions, or should you need any clarifying information, the contacts for this RFP are as follows:
Gary Schulz Joshua Crowell
President Contracts and Grants Coordinator
217 N. Encina 217 N. Encina
PO Box 230 PO Box 230
Visalia, CA 93279 Visalia, CA 93279
E-Mail: [email protected] E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: (559)738-0246 Phone: (559)738-0246
Please copy both contacts on all communications. Also, note that no information given will be
binding upon the State unless such information is issued in writing as an official addendum.
Gary Schulz
Citrograph Production Company
Basis for Request for Proposals
The California Citrus Research Board, hereinafter referred to as “CRB”, is organized under the
authorities of the California Marketing Act, referred to here as the “Act” (Chapter 1 of Part 2, Division
21 of the California Food and Agricultural Code). The CRB has been in existence since 1968, and the
specific authorities governing its activities are contained in the grower‐approved California Citrus
Research Program (the “Order”). During the existence of the CRB, it has utilized assessments
provided by California citrus growers to fund production research, variety development, quality
assurance, clonal protection, public education and interaction. The CRB also receives federal grant
monies to fund research projects.
As a service to the Growers and the industry, the CRB produces a quarterly publication known as
Citrograph, which serves as an industry‐wide demonstration of the research that the grower
assessments fund. In order to produce a quality product, the CRB needs a qualified Managing Editor
to assist with the production process.
Scope of Work to be Performed
The Citrograph Production will perform the following services:
1. Represent the CRB as the Official Publisher of the Citrograph
2. Attend all planning, publication, committee and necessary meetings
for the publication;
3. Work with the CRB allocated staff members and Editorial Board to
develop editorial content and direction for the Magazine;
4. Organize, coordinate and implement the design, layout and
production of all ads and editorial pages of the Magazine;
5. Coordinate and execute printing of the magazine;
6. Coordinate and execute mailing of the magazine;
7. Ensure overrun copies of the publication are delivered to the CRB
Visalia Office;
8. Develop, coordinate and implement a marketing plan for magazine ad
9. Sell all advertising;
Request for Proposals
Citrograph Production Company
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10. Handle all publication accounting; which includes billing, invoicing
and collection from advertisers. As well as, payment to all vendors for
printing and production of the publication;
11. Provide open lines of communication with CRB on all aspects of the
magazine project, which would include, a pre‐magazine planning
meeting, editorial and magazine pre‐press proofing meeting and post
publication review meeting;
Minimum Qualifications
Citrograph Production Company shall have the following qualifications:
‐ At least 5 years of professional production services for industry‐related publications and
‐ Experience working in the agriculture industry, preferably citrus;
‐ Desirable experience includes working directly with growers, Boards, Commissions, and
other government agencies;
‐ Experience converting scientific data to understandable and aesthetically pleasing formats
for a non‐scientific audience;
‐ Proven track record of actively pursuing advertisers and generating ad‐based revenue;
‐ At least one year of contract based experience, including task management and tracking
billable hours;
Request for Proposals
Citrograph Production Company
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Proposed Fees for Service
Bidders submitting responses to this Request for Proposal should provide a breakdown of fees for
providing the services described above.
The breakdown must be include:
1) Fee for Service:
2) Reimbursable Expenses:
3) Other costs / fees;
Also include a list of at least three references from past production clients that the CRB may contact
as part of our evaluation process, as well as a Resume and Cover Letter.
All responses are due by close of business on Friday, September 16, 2016. The successful
candidate will be selected at the September Annual Board Meeting. Successful award of this RFP is
contingent on the execution of an acceptable agreement, in the form of a contract or engagement
letter, as mutually agreed upon by both parties. Said agreement shall be for single year’s
engagement, with the option of additional yearly engagements, awarded at the discretion of the
Board of Directors on an annual basis. The total number of yearly engagements shall not exceed a
period of five years.
All communications for this RFP should be submitted to both Gary Schulz, President, and Joshua
Crowell, Contracts and Grants Coordinator, at the contacts listed below:
Gary Schulz Joshua Crowell
President Contracts and Grants Coordinator
217 N. Encina 217 N. Encina
PO Box 230 PO Box 230
Visalia, CA 93279 Visalia, CA 93279
E‐Mail: [email protected] E‐Mail: [email protected]
Phone: (559)738‐0246 Phone: (559)738‐0246
Request for Proposals
Citrograph Production Company
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Background Information
Citrus Research Board Budget and Activities
The CRB conducts scientific research on general production and variety improvement, a quality
assurance program on agricultural chemical residues, pest and disease control functions, and other
activities pertinent to the California citrus industry.
The CRB is funded through assessments paid by California citrus growers at a rate of four cents per
40‐pound box of citrus. This assessment generates just over $7 million per year in addition to outside
grants received of $3 million.
Board of Directors
The CRB operates under the oversight of the Secretary of Food and Agriculture. All actions taken by
the CRB are subject to approval by the Secretary.
The CRB has a board of directors composed of 20 members that are citrus growers from three
different districts throughout the state and one (public) member who is neither a producer nor
marketer of citrus. The Board of Directors includes a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer.
There is a five‐member Executive Committee composed of the three officers, and two additional
Board members.
The CRB has a staff of 16 including the President, five senior managers and 12 staff.
Request for Proposals
Citrograph Production Company
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Name of Candidate:
Scoring Criteria: Score Weight
Cost of the services
Firms will be rated by total proposed fees.
Technical Experience of the Firm
Firm will be rated based on the number of years’
experience performing the duties described above.
Qualifications of Firm
Firm will be rated on their qualifications, including
education, continuing education courses taken during
the past two years, years’ experience in similar
positions, and types of experience will be considered.
Candidates will be rated based on the reviews of
references provided with the RFP.
Total Score 100%

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