Citrograph Summer 2018

A New Way to Control Invasive Ants on pg. 30

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Editorial Correction 

Harnessing Hydrogels in the Battle Against Invasive Ants

By: Kelsey Schall

     In the Summer 2018 issue of Citrograph Vol. 9, No. 3, page 34, the results section and label of Figure 9 incorrectly stated that the difference between high and low hydrogel treatments was in chlorpyrifos concentration. The insecticide contained in the hydrogels was thiamethoxam not chlorpyrifos, and the ultra-low concentration of this toxicant (0.0001%) was the same for hydrogels used in both high and low treatment applications. This version has been corrected to accurately state that the difference between the high and low treatments was in the hydrogel application rate. In the high treatment, 500 grams of hydrogel were applied to each tree, and in the low treatment, 250 grams of hydrogel were applied to each tree.