40th Annual Citrus Post-Harvest Pest Control Conference in Santa Barbara, CA!

April 24-25, 2019 | Santa Barbara, California

The 40th Annual Citrus Post-harvest Pest Control Conference held on April 24-25 in Santa Barbara, California brought together over 70 researchers, industry personnel and service company representatives to learn about the latest updates in post-harvest disease control, export requirements and food safety. Technical presentations were given during the first day and a half of the conference and several CRB-funded researchers including Spencer Walse, Ph.D., Sandipa Gautam, Ph.D., Chang-Lin Xiao, Ph.D. and Jim Adaskaveg, Ph.D. were invited to present their latest work. On the afternoon of April 25, a citrus industry food safety forum, led by Mr. Ted Batkin, was held to allow conference attendees the opportunity to openly discuss food safety issues important to the industry including molecular detection technologies, consistent auditing processes and standardized industry practices.