2020 Citrograph Magazine Rate Sheet

Whether you’re selling tractors or other farm equipment, pickup trucks, irrigation equipment, fertilizer or pesticides…consider the value of your advertising dollar in the pages of Citrograph.

Each issue reaches every fresh citrus grower in the states of California and Arizona, plus individuals affiliated with the citrus industry in many other states, and now internationally. These are the people in charge of purchasing. Your advertising message is directed to farm leaders who use vast amounts of goods and services.

Circulation reaches between four and five thousand and many of these individuals are key decision makers.

An extra bonus, now that the Citrus Research Board has an active state of the art web site, all Citrograph issues will be posted. The number of people reading the magazine and seeing your advertisement will be unlimited.

For more information on advertising in Citrograph, you may contact Theresa Waymire at [email protected] or call 209-761-4444.

For more information about Citrograph, contact Tamara Tollison at [email protected] or call 559-738-0246.